This is a simple football app which displays information about a given league or competition. It displays information consisting of:

  • Fixtures and Results
  • Groups
  • Teams and Players
  • Player Search

The Player Search page was developed as a way to help with playing the Football based Wordle game called Futboldle. The player search tool helps with playing the Futboldle game as can search the list of competition players based on the following criteria:

  • Player Name - wildcard search
  • Team Name - wildcard search
  • Player Age - between an age range
  • Player Nationality - wildcard search
  • Player Position - position the player plays in (Goalkeeper, Defence, Midfield, Attacker) - multi-select list
  • Player Confederation (football confederation that player's nationality belongs to) - multi-select list
  • Team Position - between a team position range in the league or group table

It utilises the Football based REST API called Football Data API

  • The app is Developed using Blazor Server/.Net 8
  • Data coming from the Football Data API is currently cached for a configurable number of hours (currently 3) into a class called FootballDataState which is an injected singleton class
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